Explore More: Black Sand Beaches

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I have been to numerous beaches (Carolina, Daytona, Myrtle, Virginia, and Wilmington)  on the East Coast of the U.S. throughout my short 19 years here on Earth; and I have always came to conclude that all of the beaches across the world have powdery/shelly white sand or sand with golden colored hues.

But after reading the Best of the World 2012 article today on the National Geographic website, I learned that my “white sand beach” belief was wrong and that many beaches around the world actually have black sand.

Black sand, really?

Yes, really!

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I discovered that some beaches have naturally colored black sand while others are blackened by a volcanic eruption.

With me being a North Carolina girl from the Piedmont, the thought of “black-sanded beaches” completely mind-boggled me! I could not wrap my mind around the topic, so after reading the post I googled  black sand beaches and a whole array of burnt and toasty sand colored beaches popped up, therefore I guess there really are black sand beaches around the world.

I hope I get the chance to visit one one day!

❤ Wonder


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