Life Note: Know Thy Self

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Hi girls,

It is very important that you know yourself so you can continue to become more successful in life, because if you don’t know yourself and what you want out of life, your life is purposeless!

My main motivation in life is pleasure, meaning that mostly everything I do/seek in life is just for pleasure. I want to become an entrepreneur because creating and planning various things pleasures me. Taking risks pleasures me, simply because I don’t know what my outcomes will be. Nature, lounging, and relaxing are pleasuring! Becoming a successful businesswoman and very wealthy is pleasuring to me, and  just as well is being beautiful and intelligent!

I am also fueled by the qualities and traits I inhibit. Being whole and intelligent are the two most important qualities that I always want to embody. Being persistent, placid, patient, perseverant, and practical are the most important traits that run my body and my life.

❤ Thy Self

What is your main motivation in life? What qualities and traits make you unique and successful? Comment below!

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