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A few months ago I discovered online a luxurious locale that is now considered “the new St. Tropez”  for the rich and famous.  Made up of 115 African islands in the Indian Ocean, The Republic of Seychelles (just by looking at photos) is one of the most beautifulest places that I have ever visualized!

A former French colony that has 87,122 individuals, Seychelles, is now a multi-ethnic Creole destination that has its own rich unique cuisine that is infused with African, Chinese, English, French, and Indian flavors. Aside from its seafood delicacies, the Seychellois islands are also known for their gorgeous landscapes and beautiful coral reefs.!

At the top of my list for places to visit, Seychelles,  is my ultimate tropical dream destination!

So click on the gallery images below for a glimpse of Seychelles’ beautiful glamour:

❤ Luxe

What’s your ultimate dream destination? Comment below!

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