How To: Get Rid Of Oily Hair

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Hey girls,

Recently after washing my hair in the shower, I conditioned my hair with a little coconut oil so I could have some very luscious locks. But unfortunately after rinsing out the oil, my hair was a complete greasy mess and could not be flat ironed 😦  So I googled (smart girl move)  how to get the oil out of my hair and discovered that the trick is to just use powder

Any type of powder! I found out that baking soda, baby powder, and talcum powder are the most preferably used powders that tackle and cut grease from hair. You just rub a little/however much you need into your tresses, brush it out, and voilà no more oily hair (I no longer have oily hair)!

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Completely miraculous!  

So the next time you use a little too much oil/are too lazy to wash your hair, just pop out the powder!

❤ A Little Powder

Do you have a “bad hair” horror story? What was your go-to quick fix? Comment below!


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