What To: Wear To The Beach

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Hola chicas, 

I am extremely exhausted (not really exhausted but really tired) from working long hours/five nights a week at my summer job. I’m sure many of you are too! As a result, I’m in dying need of my annual summer vacay!!

Nothing is better than relaxing on warm beach sand while reading an intriguing book! And when taking your eyes from your book, don’t you just adore not being able to tell the lovely ocean from the sky? I sure know I do!

So are you heading to the beach soon to feel the wonderful ocean breeze?! Make sure to do so in style by updating your old bikini with new Summer 2012 inspired beachwear pieces:  

Swimwear 2012
Beach Accessories

❤ The Beach

Ready for the sun blazing those rays?? Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

Have you made or will be making a fashion statement at the beach this year? What are you wearing? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “What To: Wear To The Beach

  1. I love this! I live in FL so the beach is just an hour or so away…I find myself going there often but I’m so lazy fashion wise when going to the beach. This post gave me a little inspiration to mix things up and buy some new pieces next time I hit the ocean. 🙂

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