College: Apartment Decor

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Hi ladies,

With only a few weeks left until school starts it is now time to start thinking about decorating your future gorgeous apartment!

It’s very important to fully decorate your apartment/bedroom to your liking so that you can feel relaxed, comfortable, and at home; trust me you won’t feel that good in your new place if you don’t (lol ask my old roommate)!

So whether this is your first apartment by yourself (for all you solo-dolo’s) or simply  your last with all your friends, take a look below for “College Apartment Decor” inspiration to help you choose a theme:

Where to Shop:

  1. Ikea-for cheap/quality thrills and necessities.
  2. HomeGoods-for affordable designer home goods.
  3. Target-for stylish home furnishings.
  4. Walmart-has Better Homes and Gardens furnishing and decor.
  5. Thrift Stores-for little things, such as lamps and baskets.
  6. Flea Markets-for quality goods like candles.
  7. Yard sales-for furniture.
  8. Dollar Stores-for vases, decorations, and etc.
  9. Craigslist-for cheap finds.

❤ Style

Are you living in an apartment this year? What’s your theme? Comment below!



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