The Broken Education System: (B-School Edition) Pt. 1

Hey girls,

I have been on Thanksgiving Break for over a week now and have had quite a few time to reflect on my first trimester accomplishments, various things I failed at during the first three months of my junior year and how I could have done better, on everything I learned not just in school but also in life during this short period of time, and furthermore on how I feel that the college education system is broken, especially for business students.

As we all know this blog is called, The College Golden Goblet (well if you didn’t know, now you know), but I have never really expressed my views on college education and on if I think it is worthwhile to receive one. Well the truth is that I love college, but like many other students I would prefer to be somewhere else (preferably on a beach in Dubai having a margarita) during this time discovering myself and living life ; but I have been persuaded by society to attend college, because “yes having a college degree is the only way I can become wealthy, knowledgeable, and successful in America (EYES ROLL!)”.

A broken education system?

I read an article a few weeks ago by the CEO of Chegg, Daniel Rosensweig, in which he stated that “shockingly, our education system has not changed in two hundred years. We still require every student to learn the same way, at the same time, in the same classrooms, with the same lectures, using outdated and one-dimensional learning materials. We are more focused on historical subjects versus preparing our best and brightest for the skills they need to excel in a future of innovation and flux. Everyone agrees it’s broken, so why are we waiting?” He was dead on and I agreed with everything he said!

So is it worthwhile to attend college to receive a business degree?

I have believed for a while now that real businessmen/women are born never created, because the traits needed to become successful in business are innate and can never just be learned by reading a textbook. For this reason, whenever I’m discussing my future business plans with an individual who has never been to college and who has a dream of starting their own business, I just tell them that they do not have to go to college to start a business. The great Thomas J. Stanley once referenced that most of the greats in business never even attended college or if they did they failed or dropped out. This girls is a fact!

So where do I fall?

Well, a couple of years ago during my first year of college I attended East Carolina University (yes one of the top party schools in the country & it was fun!) but unfortunately I was not really prepared, did not know what to expect when first arriving, and was not driven to work hard on my coursework (I felt that the work was tedious and quite boring) so I ended up receiving bad grades which led to my financial aid being suspended, therefore I could no longer afford to attend the university, so I  transferred to Johnson & Wales University’s Charlotte Campus. I am now an Emerging Leader at JWU Charlotte, a soon to be Advanced Leader (yay in January), and am Treasurer of the Molecular Gastronomy Club. This school could not have been a more perfect match, therefore I believe everything in life happens for a reason! I was meant to be here, but laugh out loud not just during my freshman year.

So why do most business students fail or struggle in college?

Well I believe that most business students are really creative and are not given the opportunity everyday to innovate and come up with new ideas  in college classrooms and lecture halls. Our minds are not being pushed to their full capacities, therefore our performance is limited and it shows! So as you can see, I fall into the same category as the business professionals, stated by Thomas J. Stanley, that failed during college. I believe that I have figuratively failed as a business student, because I am not truly doing what I want to be doing, learning what I should actually be learning, and am not applying my innate skills. It is not that “A” students are more intellectual than myself, that is indeed not the case; I’m a very hard and dedicated worker but there is just not one scantron test given at a university in America that examines my creativity, my drive, my ability to lead, my true business skills, or whether or not I am going to become successful in the future!

Education V. Intelligence. What’s the case?

In my belief, there are indeed many well-educated surface learners on the planet who received mainly A’s in college that are not even considered that intelligent (as in having wisdom and knowledge). Education should never be mistaken for intelligence, because there are many self-taught individuals throughout the world who are considered non-educated ( have not received any college degrees) that are actually more intelligent than the smartest hackers in Silicon Valley and the slickest spies on the deep web combined.

So ladies if you are failing as a business student never give up this is only the beginning of your journey towards a successful life! I repeat Never Give Up, just work a little bit harder to make better grades so you can receive your bachelors degree and can attend grad school. The payoff will be so much better and rewarding once you exit the bubble ( which is college) and enter the real world!

❤ The System

Want to  know how the college education system is really broken and how it should be fixed? Make sure to read part 2 in a few!

Do you feel that the education system is broken? What are your views toward college education’s? Comment below!

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