The Best Books: For A Business Student

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Hey girls,

It’s very  important to read books during the summer, so you won’t have a hard time getting back into your old study habits.! Reading  helps you learn, build your vocabulary, gain knowledge known to others, and learn skills that are necessary to become more successful in business.

So what books should you be reading? Click on the images below to see a few of the greatest books that have helped millions of business men and women become successful:

❤ Books

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What’s your favorite business book? Mine is Think and Grow RichComment below!


College: What To Take

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Hey girls,

College is soon approaching so you know what that means… Packing and buying new things of course!

Tired of looking at boring old checklists that are nothing but WORDS, I know I am!

Therefore, I have gone beyond the normal and turned traditional dorm checklist items into images, because you know how the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

So whether this will be your first year in college or simply your last make sure to not leave anything behind at home, by taking a look below (continue reading after decor and storage):

Decor and Storage:

College Dorm Room

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Life Note: Just A Thought

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Hey girls,

The mind of an entrepreneur is a beautiful thing! Sometimes I wonder how a human being can think such things, and later change the world by… Just having a dream.

❤ Thoughts change

Life Note: Career Goals


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Hey girls,

If I were not going to become a future entrepreneur and inventor, I would become instead an astronomer or an anthropologist, because I love conducting research and discovering new things. They just all seem to blend together one way or another!

 ❤ Dream