The Best Free Computer Software: For A College Girl

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Hey business girls, I hope you are all doing well in school and have finally adjusted to your busy college  lifestyles!

I know I have. With all the late night studying, trying to juggle five clubs, the sadness from getting dumped by my first boyfriend (he lives 2 doors down  from me on my floor :-(), and stress piled on top of stress, I still walk around town in my high heels with my head held high!

I definitely know college is tough, but with final’s just around the corner what better time to download free software to make your lives a little easier!

I have made a list of my favorite free computer software programs that I use on a regular basis, so take a look below!


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Evernote is a computer software program dedicated to note-taking. I use it to house a myriad of things ranging from my favorite business websites, fashion blogs, to my favorite recipes.


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FreeMind is a mind mapping application that I recently used when writing my research paper to link all my topics together .

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Business: It’s A Lifestyle

Simply put, all things BUSINESS will be explored here!

For all you business college girls: you will learn how to walk, talk, dress, and live the life of a business professional.

It’s now time to prepare and use the skills you were born with (you will gain new one’s also) to become successful; the clock is ticking, you’ll be in the workforce before you know it!

So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

❤ Excited

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