College: What To Take

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Hey girls,

College is soon approaching so you know what that means… Packing and buying new things of course!

Tired of looking at boring old checklists that are nothing but WORDS, I know I am!

Therefore, I have gone beyond the normal and turned traditional dorm checklist items into images, because you know how the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

So whether this will be your first year in college or simply your last make sure to not leave anything behind at home, by taking a look below (continue reading after decor and storage):

Decor and Storage:

College Dorm Room

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The Best Free Computer Software: For A College Girl

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Hey business girls, I hope you are all doing well in school and have finally adjusted to your busy college  lifestyles!

I know I have. With all the late night studying, trying to juggle five clubs, the sadness from getting dumped by my first boyfriend (he lives 2 doors down  from me on my floor :-(), and stress piled on top of stress, I still walk around town in my high heels with my head held high!

I definitely know college is tough, but with final’s just around the corner what better time to download free software to make your lives a little easier!

I have made a list of my favorite free computer software programs that I use on a regular basis, so take a look below!


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Evernote is a computer software program dedicated to note-taking. I use it to house a myriad of things ranging from my favorite business websites, fashion blogs, to my favorite recipes.


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FreeMind is a mind mapping application that I recently used when writing my research paper to link all my topics together .

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