Fashion Chic And Cheap: Fall 2012

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Hey girls!

August has finally arrived (yes I’m 6 days late, but it’s ok)! So you know what that means… Back to school impeccable Fall fashion of course!

Everyone at my university (Johnson & Wales Charlotte) dresses professionally every day and our outfits are usually high fashion/over the top (duh business students have great taste)!

So take a look below to view a few of my Fall 2012 “Back to Campus” inspirational looks:

❤ Fall Fashion



What To: Wear To The Beach

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Hola chicas, 

I am extremely exhausted (not really exhausted but really tired) from working long hours/five nights a week at my summer job. I’m sure many of you are too! As a result, I’m in dying need of my annual summer vacay!!

Nothing is better than relaxing on warm beach sand while reading an intriguing book! And when taking your eyes from your book, don’t you just adore not being able to tell the lovely ocean from the sky? I sure know I do!

So are you heading to the beach soon to feel the wonderful ocean breeze?! Make sure to do so in style by updating your old bikini with new Summer 2012 inspired beachwear pieces:  

Swimwear 2012
Beach Accessories

❤ The Beach

Ready for the sun blazing those rays?? Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

Have you made or will be making a fashion statement at the beach this year? What are you wearing? Comment below!

Ent. + Fashion: Lana Del Rey “National Anthem”

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Lana Del Rey just released her new highly controversial music video National Anthem! In the video Lana portrays Jacqueline Kennedy and sings “Happy Birthday” as Marilyn Monroe to JFK, who himself is played by my new favorite rapper A$AP  Rocky.

Lana is seductress in the video and has great style and elegance (duh she plays Jackie O. & Marilyn!), while A$AP Rocky is just very sexy.!

I’m in love with this video because of its risque and vintage nature… So take a look for yourself below!

The Video:


Fashion Inspiration:

National Anthem

❤ Stunning?

Did you like the music video? Do you like Lana Del Rey? Comment below!

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College: Must-Haves

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Hey girls,

College is soon approaching, so you know what that means… Packing and buying new things of course!

Don’t know what to take to college? It’s okay, I’ve got you covered!  I’ve made a list of a few items that are must-haves for any college girl!

So whether this will be your first year in college or simply your last make sure to not leave anything behind at home, by taking a look below:

1 . Laptop/Tablet-used for homework assignments, researching, video calls, and social networking.

2. Smartphone-your life!

3. Wristlet-holds your debit card, lip gloss, keys, and smartphone.

College Must Haves

4. Debit Card-college girls rarely carry cash.

5. Sunglasses-for sunny days and your “walk of shame”!

6. Tumbler-for drinks on the go/parties.

7. USB 3.0 Flash Drives-for saving assignments (they’re 10 x’s faster than their predecessors).

8. Large Bag-your carry-all bag.

❤ College
What are your college must-haves? Comment below!