Shade 👉🏽

Shade 👉🏽


Beat The Heat: Lip Stains

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Hey girls,

Looking hot, sticky, sweaty, and having a makeup meltdown? Nothing is worse than having a makeup faux pas on a hot summer day; so make your makeup last all day even through the high heat, humidity, pool, summer sun, and ocean water by using a lip stain.

Lip stains enable you to precisely draw color onto your lips that will last for hours. Using a stain is an easy way to get smudge free lips that are perfect for summer; and many lip stains have built-in moisturizers, such as vitamin E, that help prevent  your lips from flaking and becoming dry!

Therefore, using a lip stain along with a face primer and setting spray will help ensure that your face stays elegant on a long hot day!

So keep gorgeous colored lips throughout the summer by using a lip stain, here are a few loves below:


Lip Stains

Lip Stains by collegegoldengoblet featuring a lip stain

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Do you love lip stains? What are your go-to picks? Comment below!

College: Must-Haves

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Hey girls,

College is soon approaching, so you know what that means… Packing and buying new things of course!

Don’t know what to take to college? It’s okay, I’ve got you covered!  I’ve made a list of a few items that are must-haves for any college girl!

So whether this will be your first year in college or simply your last make sure to not leave anything behind at home, by taking a look below:

1 . Laptop/Tablet-used for homework assignments, researching, video calls, and social networking.

2. Smartphone-your life!

3. Wristlet-holds your debit card, lip gloss, keys, and smartphone.

College Must Haves

4. Debit Card-college girls rarely carry cash.

5. Sunglasses-for sunny days and your “walk of shame”!

6. Tumbler-for drinks on the go/parties.

7. USB 3.0 Flash Drives-for saving assignments (they’re 10 x’s faster than their predecessors).

8. Large Bag-your carry-all bag.

❤ College
What are your college must-haves? Comment below!

College: What To Take

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Hey girls,

College is soon approaching so you know what that means… Packing and buying new things of course!

Tired of looking at boring old checklists that are nothing but WORDS, I know I am!

Therefore, I have gone beyond the normal and turned traditional dorm checklist items into images, because you know how the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

So whether this will be your first year in college or simply your last make sure to not leave anything behind at home, by taking a look below (continue reading after decor and storage):

Decor and Storage:

College Dorm Room

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